It’s a Class War

The United Kingdom is made up of many classes; low classes, middle classes and upper classes. Within each there are many other classes of people living up to the many social sterotypes from house husband to socialite to middle manager to chief executive. Which class(es) are you in?

Which is the best class?

This is a loaded question as each class seems to quietly despise another. The best class must surely be the one that does the most good for the world.

The lowest classes are the long-term unemployed with no interest in earning a living or doing anything for those people around them. Middle class are those people working in jobs day in day out and who have the biggest influence over consumer spending. The upper classes are the business leaders demanding respect and often getting it.

The answer here for many will depend on the class you are in and how comfortable you are in your life now, however comfort brings complacency.

The lower classes cause the majority of small crimes, start arguments and cause emotional heartache and financial hardship for others. This comes down to the anger burning within them and frustration with the world around them, often due to lack of education or lack of opportunity.

The upper classes have the most influence over corporate and government policy and with their influence, intellect, and income they are in a priviliged position, and like the lower classes, they are often driven to getting their own way.

The middle classes make up the vast majority of people and as such they contribute the most which gives them the most power over product pricing and consequently over the economy. Product pricing of course effects profit margins and employee income/benefits and the economy overall. With a “something for nothing” culture prevalent in western society, especially on the internet, I wonder what the future holds for the economy.

I believe the lower-middle classes are the worst kind of people because they are comfortable and the least passionate about making things better. Of course there are exceptions in this class such as my sister who did a sponsored fun run for cancer research. Doing a fun run has no real effect on the world at large though I believe they do help small numbers of people and my sister did train hard to make it a success and she made a valued contribution.

The majority of this massive majority, the middle classes with a “job – children – retire” life plan, of the populace fear change and often do nothing but complain about and contribute to the things people hate about our culture and the public services provided.

Have you heard heard the line “you don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps”? I believe there is some truth in that joke, why else would a person keep doing something they dislike? Why keep doing the same thing over and over again if you dislike it? Is that mad?!!

Penny for your thoughts?

This is an old phrase, another is “…my two cents…”. Even though the currency is different, the value is much the same. If your thoughts are worth so little, why bother saying them? With inflation considered, maybe we should change penny/cents to pound/dollars! Of course some peoples thoughts are paid for and with good reason; professional public speakers and business trainers for example because they bring value with their ideas.

Typically the middle class, the mediocrity, have thoughts revolving around the actions of another more inspired and passionate individual. Rarely are any of these thoughts and debates acted upon because they are against the mediocre, comfortable, way of living and such actions would necessitate such anathema as change.

I did pose the question above “which class is the best”, but first another contender for the worst. It’s hard to define this class as they are successful, they have a lot of money and they command influence, however many of them are no better than the average Joe. I refer to the 20th century phenomenon that with media became celebrity. Both the media and the public listen to celebrities, and therefore so does government. They are now the people who command the real armies of the world (the mediocrity).

Celebrities are the people who can effect real change. They are the only people in fact because they have the talent to amaze, the popularity to command, money to invest… and many spend their free time getting drunk, shopping, discussing who’s with who, and displaying pointless vacuous opinion like the mediocrity. There are of course exceptions such as David Beckham, he has not made a huge difference but some children do more physical (football) activity which is a good and positive difference.

So the best class is…… almost extinct. Sad but it seems to be true. Those that once had the money, the influence, integrity and the passion for change that brought the massive corporations that we know today. Such people commanded respect and were admired by all, but now they have all but disappeared. Such people prefer to spend £2/$4 on writing a really great inspired letter to their customers, clients or associates and signing it by hand rather than sending out a thousand form letters that often aren’t worth the photocopy paper they are printed on.

While this entry was not inspired by a news report of any kind, it has transpired that a report was released proving the British obsession with class; the BBC report: “Britain’s digital tribes revealed“.

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Pop a Pill Today! ;o)

It’s easy, isn’t it? Just swallow a pill and you’ll be fine. Your government probably pays for it, so why should you care? Of course it does come down to higher taxes for you in the end.

Earlier today my parents were saying I should go the doctors to help me when I feel down, of course the most they would do is give me some anti-depressants, they could alternatively send to me to a therapist. Some therapists do a very good job, but often the best therapy is talking to a friend.

I believe personally for most ailments that doctors are wasting their time on people who believe what they read, such people buy into this ‘wonderdrug marketing‘, fuelled by sometimes manufactured illnesses – making it one of the most profitable industries in the world today. Read the New Scientist report here.

The desire for the easy pill popping way out of pain is what causes a lot of the spam email today. Pop a pill and you’ll have great abs in 30 days (refund only within 5 days of purchase!), pop a pill you’ll become a babe magnet… it goes on and on…! Some people still believe in love potions and drugs that control the behaviour of others. If that were true, there would be no crime and we would all have the characteristics of a 50’s sci-fi robot, easily manipulated and controlled by governments.

While my parents say go to the doctors, my sister asks a question: “Considering the sweets and lack of exercise, how come you never get ill?” Apart from feeling depressed occasionally, I really never get ill, I have not had a day off sick for as long as I can remember. What could it be? Have I found the magic cure all pill?!!

In a way I do know the answer. It’s really very simple. I just have a strong belief that I am healthy. That’s it, that state of mind keeps the doctor away, I am the proof of this. Maybe it also in part is something to do with my (unfortunate?!) hair colour, which is red. Natural red hair comes from a gene that developed in Neanderthals and provides a stronger immune system. I’m not sure about that, but I’ve found nothing to prove otherwise.

So… it’s all just “positive mental attitude”? Mostly, yes! Next time you get a headache, forget the headache and relax, focus your attention on a calm quiet activity. If you think about getting rid of the headache, then it will stay partly because thinking stimulates the brain including the area causing the headache. While this strategy for better health works for minor problems, it fails when most people try it due to the “try not to think of an elephant” idea… to late! In your mind you just pictured an elephant, didn’t you?!

Clearly attitude not only determines your altitude in life, however it’s important to note that more serious diseases cannot be easily overcome by positive thinking like a headache, though that’s not to say they can’t be overcome. As a rule, people seriously ill survive longer, and sometimes recover, if they have a positive outlook on life.

Let me know your thoughts…

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An Exciting Job

I read recently something about boring jobs and I learned that teaching is the least boring job. I can understand that because children are lots of fun to be around and they are very creative and very perceptive. A child, like a predator(!), can always tell if you are stressed, nervous or confident. A lot of women can too to be fair, men aren’t so hot on that one due to a natural inclination which neurologically evolved men toward the physical.

Has anyone seen the report about the most exciting job? I don’t think it exists. Some people are happy in their jobs, they are very lucky and few in number. I wonder why there is no report about exciting jobs? Would it cause a disproportionate number of people to focus on that job or industry? Probably. Will this report cause such a change? Unlikely, because nobody wants a boring job. Government ministers know this and they know that every business and industry needs people to survive. If one industry falls, other industries are affected and may die too. Therefore, it is in the interest of the national and international economy to keep people in dull boring jobs that they hate. Or is it?

If you work in a boring job such as an administrator, then why could you not do the same thing for many businesses instead of one? It’s less secure, but you get more. You get paid more because you are only as good as your word and testimonials. Being your own boss means working when you want and working with the people you want. Decisions on this should not be taken lightly however as it can significantly affect your long term future, for better… or worse. For that reason, it is essential to develop strong instincts.

In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place.
– “Mahatma” Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Most people are almost obsessive about saving money and ‘getting good value’ is often confused with ‘getting value’; this is a throwback from the rationing habits that were advised by government in World War II. ‘Getting good value’ means a good discount off the retail price, ‘getting value’ means paying what an item is worth. Whether retailers charge the right price is debatable; many items have suffered a massive deflation, known as “hyperedeflation”, minimising the profit for every wholesaler and retailer. It’s a subtle but fundamentally important difference.

What happens when prices go up?

Fewer people can afford luxury items like iPods and have to work harder/smarter and/or longer in order to acquire such possesions. How much would you pay for your prized possesions? If you pay ‘over the odds’ you feel cheated, if you pay less than the retail price, have you cheated the retailer?

When people pay higher prices, what happens is that more money eventually goes into circulation in the economy. Higher prices means more profits for every company. High profits means those that wish to stay a wage slave can get paid more if they push for it.

The result? We all have more money and worry less about money.

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Any real people left?

I don’t know if it’s just the English obsession with political correctness, but sometimes I’ll read a report in the media, such as this one, which reveals the strength of character that management in some organisations fail to show. In this report, as in many others, one person -just one person – complains (by email) that something offends them and the so called mangement of this organisation caves to the will of just one individual.

Nobody else does anything – or – the media too is so politically correct that nothing is published challenging that single complaint. Incidentally, I emailed the organisation question, the RNLI, about the above report. An email rarely will affect anything but then I’m not trying to do anything with the email besides vent a little frustration, I doubt they’ll reply.

Maybe nobody does anything because they feel authoritative control is too great, maybe they will offend someone who is a bit too sensitive, maybe we just can’t be bothered to better our lives. What do you think? The English are rarely bothered to do more with their life than complain about it and expect someone to hand them rich rewards and for what?!! “I’m waiting for my big break”, people say, I say go out and get it. Of course this not true for all, but for the majority (those that vote people into power), it is.

Some people do do something, they add their name to an email petition(!), multiple copies of which are then forward to the recipient and treated as Spam never even being seen. Other people cut a letter out the paper, sign it, and post it. A letter won’t be seen by a computer program and instantly deleted, but if the letter is a mass produced newspaper cut out, it may be noted as a protest, but often goes straight in the bin. The only thing these actions do is make the individual feel a little less guilty of nothing.

That person who complained to the RNLI wasted time and spoilt a good tradition that hurt nobody, however they make the very good point and that it only takes one person to effect change. If that individual manages to sneak past all the politically correct crap and and then most importantly hits a ‘raw nerve’ in the reader, they will trigger an emotional reaction in the person. If the person receiving the complaint is someone with authority they will be able to do something positive. Whether they have the courage to challenge political correctness is another issue.

Personally I sometimes contact business and industry leaders, some do respond, this week a senior UK government minister will receive a letter from me – though not a stroppy letter saying “things aren’t right” or “I want more money”. Instead I make a number of powerful and valid proven points. My own businesses also proves that I am making a life for myself, helping others when I can, and I do this rather than expecting others to help me.

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Does God play Poker?

I had a dream last night. Usually I don’t remember dreams, but this one I did, or at least what feels like just a few key seconds of it. In those few seconds I became aware of how much like life the game of Poker is.

In Poker, as with business and indeed life itself, you have to be able to sell yourself, you have to persuade everyone else to buy into the idea that they are getting a good deal. In business as in Poker, success is achieved through a good strategy; it’s not luck, it’s just good planning and management.

What was really strange about the dream was that I found the word Poker has the same number of letters as the world Bible. A revelation ain’t it?!! I also was told in this dream that the letters in each word relate to each other, for example p to bo to i and so on.

I’ve no idea where this all came from, besides the fact that I play Poker online a bit. Was it just much my imagination ‘letting off extra steam’ completely randomly? I decided to do a quick search online for the elements of the dream.

I didn’t find any correlation of the letters, but in my search I found this blog entry here about Job. Job? Isn’t that what everyone does?! I also found an article called Selling and Poker. Maybe the dream was directing me to find both these webpages. In life there are many numerical coincidences, but really there are too many coincidences in the Selling and Poker article for it to be mere ‘chance’.

Perhaps the dream was to lead me to the possiblity that Poker is a form of Satan, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that Satan or Poker is bad, it simply means that Satan/Poker teaches people that if you do not learn and plan your strategy, then you lose.

Personally I don’t believe in God or Satan, but I do believe in instincts and intuition which I believe is partly the same thing as God (the other part being your strongest positive or negative beliefs, effectively directing God’s actions for or against you). Maybe centuries ago people were taught to believe in God as a metaphor to help them to develop their instincts. They believed and passed on to future generations what they were taught out of a need to belong, but back then people were less educated about the world and society and took the metaphor too literally and developed a belief in a seperate individual entity, an individual over whom they had no influence, an individual whom they could use as a means of escaping the problems caused by not listening to their intuition. People are more than happy to talk to God, but what really matters is the ability to listen to God; to listen to your intuition, instincts and subconscious.

A lot of people playing Poker online for real money lose real money. The bible states that the love of money, or an obssesion with Mammon, is the root of all evil. Money has been proven many times to not make people happier because they are the same person, and sometimes it makes them unhappy due to wanted attention and therefore escapism. Maybe the answer is to live intuitively and therefore identify that which you will do for nothing… but nothing is not valued. So if whatever you do is valued, it must be charged for. In Poker the amount charged is relevant to yor skill and is your winnings.

In the blog entry mentioned above, God and Satan abuse Job. Maybe that is exactly what happens with most people in life and failure to learn the reasons why bad things happen to good people continues the abuse with things like disease and unhappiness. If we keep acting like Job, instead of taking action doing what we really want to do, then maybe we’ll continue getting what Job continues to get.

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The 50-Year Orgasm

The “eureka” moment, you know what I mean? When you get a great idea, it’s fantastic, it will change the world, you’ll be rich!!! It is a similiar feeling of excitement when having an orgasm! Well… sort of!

Now… imagine that feeling everyday, constantly. That is what it feels to be really successful living your dreams. Your energy and enthusiasm for your idea, your product, your business. It is the best thing ever!

I said this feeling lasts 50 years, but really I mean a lifetime, whichever is longer. Imagine this feeling… in reality it would become agonisingly painful, you can’t relax for even a second. This orgasmic feeling isn’t then quite the same as running your own successful business, but the level of enthuiasm and passion for what you’re doing is similar.

What amuses me is the lengths that practically everybody in the world goes to go out and have a sex with someone, yet few put the same effort into learning how to, and then go ahead with successfully running their own business. Running a successful business enables you to have both – and often!

Why then would you settle for just the former? Why have sex with a nice person you like when you can have sex with an amazing, truly gorgeous and perhaps famous person?! Of course for there to be enough amazing and truly gorgeous people, you have to be one.

To be such a person not only means looking fantastic, it also means putting others first – within reason. I’ve always believed in the phrase “to have a friend, you must be a friend” and therefore I always aim to be a friend to everyone I meet, including people I find unattractive because I know anyone can be gorgeous if they believe in themselves and live life full of energy. To be realistic, some people do have Athena / Adonis good looks, but many of them worked for it slaving away at the gym or in the park. Then of course some are, well, just lucky!

To sum up this entry, all you have to do to be gorgeous, whatever your looks, is to live your life with passion for what you do and enthusiam for the success of those around you.

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Are You Significant?

Have you sat outside on a warm summers evening and looked up at a clear night sky? I find it serene and relaxing looking at the stars and constellations. Sometimes I’ll see a  satellite crawl across the night sky, it is insignificant and can be wiped out in a nanosecond. Down here that same satellite, travelling up to an incredible 18,000mph, is signifant to the significance of many individuals far below. Occasionally some space junk will burn up in the atmosphere, a “shooting star”, and I make a wish. Maybe it will come true, maybe it won’t, but a positive thought is always a good thing.

I am thinking about the stars today after hearing an entertaining New Scientist podcast that I just heard. In an interview with the Theoretical Physicist, Dr. Paul Wesson, it became apparent based on mathematical analysis, that we may ourselves be inside a “super massive black hole”. When ‘things’ go into a black hole they are never seen again, but that doesn’t justify the popular belief that everything going in is destroyed. Black holes, like the known universe, are growing as more goes in. It was discussed in the interview that the vacuum into which our universe  – our black hole? – is itself growing, theoretically filling even bigger universe.

Try to imagine the “super massive” numbers and distances so vast that it would take a thousand lifetimes just to reach the nearest star in our galaxy (not including our sun). Imagine the size of the ‘outer universe’ in which our ‘black hole’ resides, if that’s what it is, then the immortal line “She cannae take any more captain” comes to mind. it’s just mind-boggling!

Relative to these figures, are you significant? I should hope you say no because an unchecked ego is a very dangerous thing. On a scale we can get our heads round – among your peers, are you significant?

It is important I feel to distinguish between significance and narcissism. If you live in a large country, then your country’s leader is significant on a global scale. Few of us can achieve this level, but I never say never.

For most of us, we need to focus on increasing our significance, however it is very important to maintain control over our ego. An ego that is unchallenged and never questioned is an ego in danger of making the individual delusional. It is healthy to have your ideas questioned and challenged, especially by those more successful in your field of endeavour.

There is no point in lying to yourself, so answer yourself this question. Is there anyone near you who can or does a better job of what you do than you? I’ll tell you the answer now is a resounding yes! In reality there will always be a ‘bigger fish’, be they a rival personally, a business competitor, or even your government.

In effect we are in fact all significant to another person. Probably to family members, maybe to someone you will never meet, for example of you are blood donor, but even so we are all significant and important to others.

However, to succeed in life we need to be significant to more than just friends and family. Significance does not mean being the best, the greatest, or whatever your ego wants you to be. Significance, at whatever level, is about being the best you can be.

Anyone can be signicant beyond those who know them, all you have do is look around at those fulfilling your dreams and follow their example. Learn from them, do as they do, and your dreams will too come true.

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